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Turning Your Stuff into Cash online!

Thousands Now Buy, Sell and Trade Their Stuff online Who Never Thought They Could!
Whatever it is, we can sell it here! We are the top-rated online seller store in Tamarac Florida
You would want to use our services if...
You have stuff lying around the house that is too valuable to sell at a garage sale.
You are going to move.
You want to downsize by selling stuff you no longer use.
You have a business with inventory or equipment that you want to sell or liquidate.
You want to sell your car, truck, RV, minivan, snowmobile, ATV, etc.
You are dealing with the sad loss of a family member and need to sell items from their estate.
You are retired or near retirement and want less stuff.
* Ask about our senior discount!
You know that eBay, amazon or craigslist are a fantastic way to sell just about anything and you want to give it a try!

Is our store right for you and your items?

Maybe, maybe not.
Items need to have a $50 value (or higher) and be legal to sell online. We are happy to offer SENIOR DISCOUNTS, FREQUENT SELLERS CLUB, and offer a NO-RISK GUARANTEE! 
You will be happy with our friendly and complete service
The pictures of your items will be crystal clear; Your online listing will be well written and thorough; All buyer questions will be answered in a timely manner; Your item will be shipped promptly and packaged with care.
If you are not completely happy --we will fix the problem or refund to you the amount you think is appropriate -- up to the complete commission that you pay.
We stand by our service and our reputation.
Make sure you ask about a guarantee when thinking about selling your stuff!
The #1 Question that we get asked is, "How does your service work"?
In most cases, we begin with an evaluation of your item(s).
We look for similar items online that have sold in the past, and then we set the auction starting price based upon real online auction results. Depending on which of our services you choose, there may be no up-front cost to you. We are happy to sell your item or groups of similar items worth $50 or more.
When the price is set, we take as many digital photographs of your items as are needed to provide a clear view of the item. Clear digital pictures are very important to get higher bids on an item.
The auction ad copy is just as important as a clear picture. Many online sellers limit the number of pictures that they will take. We do not.

Your online listings are written by an attentive staff. I'm convinced that the numerous photographs and facts you include for each of my listings leads to a higher-than-expected selling price.

The next step is to answer any questions that are submitted by potential buyers. This is a critical step because the questions must be answered clearly and in a timely manner. Sometimes people ask last minute questions and sometimes the questions are not clear. Answering questions from online buyers can be very time consuming.

When the auction ends, we pack the items. All items are picked up and expertly packed and shipped with care. We ship worldwide and that is also a unique service that we provide. Think about how much it costs you to simply have an item professionally packaged at a specialty store; that should give you an idea about the value of our service.

​When our competition over-charges for shipping, it comes out of your pocket because the buyer most likely bids less for your item and that means you make less! We do not over-charge your buyers for shipping and handling.