eBay Drop Off Shop

Turning Your Stuff into Sold on eBay!

For every item in your Attic, Cellar or Garage... there's a blank check in the mail.

Cash Out Your Stuff Shop is the next generation of eBay sell on consignment store drop off shop right here in Prescott Valley, Arizona providing professional photography,, unique research techniques and proven targeted listings with search friendly titles of consignments to maximize visibility. There's no upfront costs, and our percentages go as low as 10%.   

How it works...
1. Give Cash Out Your Stuff Shop a call, email us or stop by.
2. We sell your items on eBay or buy outright.
3. You get a check in the mail or cash immediately.
It's really that easy, give us a holler!


What items will you sell on consignment?
1. Larger, delicate, or difficult to package items must be worth at least $500 each in current condition.
2. Small, sturdy, or easily packaged  items must be worth $100.00
3. Shipable items (not too big or delicate).  

If you do have a large amount of items we'll come to you!  
We also buy directly depending on the item