Put the Fun back in Fundraising

We provide a great way to raise money for your church, school or not-for-profit organization. Auction donations are a way to raise money that can complement your current fundraising activities. Even better, there's no administrative work for your organization. Like our regular auction services, we do all the hard work! Simply have your church members, school's parents and supporters stop in and drop off their auction donations at our store, we sell the donated items on eBay, and send a check for the net proceeds of the sale to your church, school or organization. In addition to selling your items on eBay, we will work with you to promote your auction. Contact us if you would like more information about how to get your organization started with an Cash Out Your Stuff Drop Shop charity account.
Fundraising with Cash Out Your Stuff Drop Shop Comes With Some Important Benefits!
​ ​1 Raise funds from outside your organization.
​ There is no need for your members and supporters (and their friends and family) to buy anything. You’re raising money from outside your organization, rather than from within.

​2 Higher sales.
Because millions of people worldwide shop on eBay every day, items auctioned through Cash Out Your Stuff Drop Shop typically sell for much more than they would at a community rummage sale or benefit auction.
​​3 More profits.
​ EzBay Drop Off Shop is dedicated to helping not-for-profits raise funds more efficiently. With Cash Out You Stuff Drop Shop’s competitive service fee structure, 55%-60% of all proceeds raised go directly to your organization (vs. 20-50% for most fundraiser programs).

​4 Less hassle.
Unlike most fundraising programs, with ezBay Drop Off there’s no money to handle, no orders to take, no products to deliver.
5 Donor friendly.
​ An Cash Out Your Stuff Drop Shop fundraiser gives your supporters a chance to clean out their closets for a good cause.