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Ebidne$$ Shoppe Estate Sales are estate sale professionals.

A service of Ebidness Store Estate Sales, which is located in Tamarac Florida, our sales are events and attract buyers who know that when we do a sale items will be well displayed, priced fairly and not “picked over.”. People are lined up waiting to get in our sales because of our extensive marketing efforts and the knowledge that we haven't opened the sale until the advertised time.

 Unlike other  companies that require deposits and content minimums in addition to their percentage,  we are a percentage only company with NO DEPOSIT required and NO MINIMUM.  We are a Insured and Bonded Company!

Our dedicated staff is paid directly from our percentage.  We pay for advertising in major publications as well as advertising online, mailing list, etc.

Honesty is first and foremost in our business. We take pride in a family's treasures that they have accumulated through the years. We understand that sometimes it is hard to let go and we treat each home/family with a personal touch ~ as if they were our own.  Whether big or small, each job is handled with the same first class service; from organizing to cleaning to pricing at current market value.

We have appraisers that work with Sassie Antiques in order to obtain the best price.  We enjoy preserving treasures from the past and passing them along to those who will appreciate them for years to come.

It is our job to attract as many people to your sale as possible. We take great pride in our staging of merchandise. When we open your family home, it will look attractive and inviting. With years of experience, we are aware of trends in the market and price accordingly. As experts in 20th century home furnishings, accessories and art, and especially the last half of the century, Our Estate Sales staff know the value of items which often go overlooked or ignored.

We also understand the needs of buyers and what they are looking for. Our job is to connect estate items being liquidated - for whatever the reason - with people who will care and cherish them for years to come.

Our Estate Sales has over a decade of experience selling antiques and collectible items online and knows when it is in the best interest of the seller to utilize an online sales strategy.

We realize that most estate sales accompany some type of transition in life. We are sensitive to this fact and our main goal is to help make these changes as easy as possible on you and your family. By striving for excellence in all aspects of the sale, Prescott Estate Sales takes pride in leaving our clients satisfied that we have done the best job possible.

Step one: Call us! 

We will meet with you to appraise your potential sale items. We will then determine the most lucrative venue for your items, and discuss whether an estate sale, online auction, or other means of disposition is most appropriate.  If an estate sale is warranted, we will then plan a sale conducive to your time frame.

Step two: We set up the sale

Prescott Estate Sales staff will clean, identify and arrange your items, contacting you should any new items of significant value be found. We will secure all items not to be included in the sale.    We will also advertise the sale via the internet and newspapers, and our mailing list.  We will determine and arrange for staff requirements at the sale.  We will also put up estate sale signs where allowed by your community.

Step three: The sale

We will arrive several hours before the sale to finalize any last minute activities. We will then accommodate the sales floor for shoppers and start the sale; verifying item security and maintaining an accurate log of transactions. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help shoppers to make purchases and help you to make money! After the sale, we will clean up any unsold merchandise and advertising; securing the premises.

Step four: Payment

We will provide payment for sale proceeds and a transaction log of sold and unsold items and return your keys to you. We will then ask if we may add you to our list of references.
Please call (954) 788-6993  to set up an appointment.