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Turning Your Stuff into Cash Online!

Commission Schedule on a PER ITEM basis**

Sale Price Commission $10 minimum commission

Sale price You earn
Less than $50 60%
$50 to $200 70%
More than $200 80%

Sells For
eBay Fees*
Cash out FeesSeller gets

*Includes PayPal Fees

How do eBidness Store price items?

We research items like yours on eBay looking at items that sold within the last 90 days, and price items according to this research. Items are for sale for up to 3 weeks. If your item doesn't sell, we  reduce the price and relist it unless we put out as a auction item rather then a buy it now item.

Shipping costs
It is at our option to offer free shipping. If we do the cost of shipping will be deducted from the sale price prior to fees being deducted. Otherwise, the buyer of the item would pay shipping.

** Travel fees are in addition to commission and are as follows whether an item is picked up or only photographed: $30 travel fee under 10 miles from Tamarac. Refunded if items sell more than $200. $60 travel fee for 10-20 miles from Tamarac, non-refundable. Call for pick up over 20 miles away.

A La Carte Services: 

Research $15
  Detailed research on your item to determine the best pricing strategies, listing options, current market and other relevant data affecting your item. Charged in 30 minute increments at $15 each increment.

Photography $10 per item
  We will take professional photo's for you if you want to list and sell your item on your own.  The item fee covers up to 10 shots and includes transfer to a CD and the CD.

$1000 comission for sale price between $10,000 & $19,999
$1,500 comission for sale price between $20,000 & $29,999
$2,000 comission for sale price between $30,000 & $49,999
$2,500 comission for sale price above $50,000
LISTING FEE is $150 for all vehicles. Deposit is paid up-front to include all eBay listing fees upon the sale of the car.
Our Service includes:
·         7 or 10 day listing (with reserve if needed) 
·         25 digital photos along with a very detailed
·         Answer questions 
·         Collection of payment 
·         We help with arranging delivery of vehicle to buyer 
·         Buyer pays all costs for delivery 
We need access to vehicle before & during auction to offer the buyer a test drive or inspection of car. We must have a copy of the title, insurance, and registeration in our posession before listing is started.  Only named person on title may sell the vehicle.  Vehicle title must be free & clear.