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Turning Your Stuff into Cash Online!

Inventory Liquidation


We get unwanted merchandise off your hands and into the hands of the public.  Or maybe, you have capital equipment that is no longer needed taking up valuable square footage in your place of business.

Cash Out Your Stuff can help you quickly turn those excess items into cash. In fact we can help you liquidate just about anything by harnessing the worldwide power of eBay and our state-of-the-art online auction service.

Did you know that items liquidated on eBay typically yield results of 50% of MSRP, where as traditional liquidation services return as little as 15% of original MSRP?  Why settle for less?  Take advantage of our experience and expertise to transform your assets into cash in as little as 15 days after auction closes.

  • We can help you sell:
  • New or used excess equipment
  • Excess inventory and overstocks
  • Returns or damaged goods

Sample or demonstration items

We handle the entire sales process from listing to order fulfillment.  We research, clean, photograph and list your item on ebay.

 By working on a commission basis we have shared risk and shared goals for your asset liquidation.  There is never any out of pocket expense for you to use our services.

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  • Your very own expert online sales force
    zBay Drop Off Shop is a registered eBay Trading Assistant and fully qualified eBay PowerSeller. We boost stock sales by providing expert eBay selling services on a commission-only basis.
    With over 300 million registered users world-wide eBay and Amazon are the world's largest marketplaces. EzBay Drop Off Shop are expert eBay and Amazon sellers and offer your business a totally managed e-selling service, handling the entire sales process from start-to-finish, including listings, enquiries, deliveries and returns.

    We manage the ENTIRE sales process
    From taking quality photographs, writing compelling item descriptions, handling bidder enquiries to processing payments and despatch, our managed business service is designed to do as much of the leg-work for you as possible.

    Fixed price and auction
    Sales Processing 
    Buyer enquiries and payment
    Storage, packing and shipping
    Customer Service 
    Multi-lingual pre- and after-sales
    Reporting & Payment 
    Detailed stats, suggestions and remittance

    Complete Brand Anonymity
    To help protect your identity, and unless otherwise required, all sales are made under the EzBay Drop Off Shop brand, so your organisation retains complete anonymity throughout the sales process.

    Boost sales of everything!
    We are able to help boost your sales from a huge variety of items;
    Surplus/excess stock
    Slow moving product lines
    Demonstration models
    End-of-line products
    Liquidation items

    Obsolete equipment
    Off-season fashion items
    Repaired/Refurbished goods
    Sample products​

    We do more to get your items sold
    o give your items the very best opportunity to sell, our standard service includes;
    Upto TWO listings on eBay, our eBay shop, AND our online store
    Unlimited professional photographs
    Gallery photo on ALL listings
    Compelling sales description
    Email updates so you can fully track your listing(s)
    In-house auction monitoring
    Handling all buyer enquiries
    Secure payment processing
    Packaging and postage
    Friendly and efficient customer service